Matteo Gerbi is multidisciplinary design studio. Its passion for design provides a powerful motivation which, coupled with its focus, patience and consistency, assures the provision of inimitable design and an unparalleled quality of service.

Matteo Gerbi Limited has bags of curiosity and a huge capacity for creative thinking unfettered by predetermined style. This allows them to produce innovative designs that meet clientsʼ aspirations, whilst staying within time and budget constraints. 

The studio can offer the numerous skills and sensibilities developed by Matteo Gerbi during his extensive experience in the field of architecture. A knowledge and understanding of the manufacturing process allows Matteo Gerbi to engage with the business needs of others, and to place ideas within the larger context of the process needed to make them a reality. 


Matteo always aims to achieve the remarkable in his design by concentrating, in the first instance, on function. His preoccupation is with discovering and creating new and different ways to make established objects work; the shapes, materials and colours used are a natural consequence of this process. His design ethic stems from a belief that the start point should not necessarily be a desire to create something audacious and different merely for the sake of drawing attention to an object whose function is secondary to its striking appearance. Rather, his belief is that aesthetic enjoyment often stems from the pleasure taken in how an object works and, flowing on from that, how its appearance enhances and complements this efficiency.


Matteo Gerbi is an architect with extensive experience developed during his nine years working across various European countries. In 2011, he founded  a multidisciplinary design studio, with a clear vision of developing innovative, unique and cutting edge design. His work encompasses small to medium architectural projects, interior design, product design and art installation. Matteo Gerbi Limited often acts on behalf of the designer himself, as with his recent product design of RayShelf, a contemporary shelving system, but also actively seekscollaborative ventures with manufacturers eager to realise new product design in the furniture and lighting industries, as well as developers with a passion for innovative design solutions.