Monolitico is a furniture and accessories collection. Its uniqueness, its defining feature, is the simplicity of its design, which comprises a single piece of metal sheet bent or folded to create a practical object; it’s from this concept that the collection takes its name, Monolitico (Monolithic in English). The designer was inspired by a desire to circumvent the waste of material by completely removing any superfluities, as well as to demonstrate that with a simple concept and traditional materials we can still achieve uniqueness and stylishness.

The Monolitico collection currently comprises furnishings such as shelves and coat racks, with more products planned for addition to the collection in the near future. In terms of technical specification, each Monolitico product is crafted from a steel sheet, and finished with a layer of powder coated. Each product is currently available in different colours, a range to which more options will gradually be introduced.

The minimalism of the design will be irresistible to clients who seek and appreciate simplicity and elegance in their living and work spaces. Through the mere action of folding a rectangular sheet, a sturdy shelf or stylish and unique coat rail can be created, both of which are ideal for homes and offices, while the no-frills, understated design allows for inclusion of the products in virtually any décor or environment, whether contemporary, classic or rustic.

Designer Matteo Gerbi is passionate about supporting and promoting local manufactuers, and about minimizing excessive and unnecessary importation; for this reason, the Monolitico collection has been not only designed, but manufactured entirely in the UK.