In the construction environment the procurement is a mechanism which provides all the activities undertaken by a client to get a project built.

On this post we are looking on how the architectural services are procured. There are many procurement methods but all of them redirect to the following main activities:

1. Briefing and Assessment

2. Concept Design

3. Design Development

4. Constriction

5. Inspection and Evaluation

Mr D. Tail is helping us to understand this process.

Odd to say, but today this historical main client/architect relationship is infrequent. Unfortunately architecture is not any longer considered the core discipline of the construction process, on the contrary, for many it has become a superfluous ornament. More posts will follow about this subject.


In an emphasized and amusing scene, Mr D. Tail is highlighting how different is the design approach between an architect and a structural engineer.

The architect is proudly displaying his masterwork to his client, who is delighted. The project is now ready for the structural adjustments but unfortunately the outcome is discomforting.