The Leadenhall Building, or Cheesegrater, designed by Rogers Stirk Harbour & Partners, has just been completed. It is a superb and elegant skyscraper that has been added to the highly regarded London’s skyline.

This week all architectural magazines, blogs and websites are celebrating the opening of the Leadenhall Building. Some of them made a frank, honest and well deserved positive critic to the design. Other, instead, have been excessively generous and pathetic.

Mr D. Tail loves the building but he is puzzled; what is the writer's true intent to play with such fervent adjectives? Maybe he wants made readers laugh or capture the attention of Sir Richard Rogers or both.

If you are interested on the Leadenhall Building topic and you would like to read WIKI: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/122_Leadenhall_Street

UPDATE: The falling bolt on Mr D. Tail is a reference to the recent events where some bolts fractured and felt at the Leadenhall Building. Investigations undertaken by contractor and structural engineers confirmed that the problem was limited to certain bolts. The tests concluded that the bolts had failed due to Hydrogen Embrittlement !? As the writer said “HONESTY IN CONSTRUCTION”