Everybody loves trees in urban spaces. Urban trees have plenty of benefits:
· Mitigate our carbon emissions;
· Support biodiversity in cities;
· Trees have a positive impact on health, providing oxygen and improve air quality;
· Trees catch dust and pollutants on its leaves;
· Big saving on annual heating and cool with the natural winter insulation and summer shade provided by trees;
· It is said that trees and green spaces help to reduce crime levels;
· Etc…

However, trees in urban environment often have stressful existence. Urban area rarely provides a favourable environment for trees to grow and flourish as water has difficulty penetrating the deeper root zone then roots tend to propagate to underneath the surface and damaging the pavement.

Nowadays this problem is resolved with a soil structure system. This system comprises a plurality of cells in which roots can propagate and grow.

On the image above Mr D. Tail is delivering the water directly to the cells structure that accept, store and transmit water and nutrients to the tree. The roots find all they need within this soil structure system and do not need to go anywhere else damaging pavements or even worse threatening building foundations.

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