#035 - BLUE

Blue is the colour of the sky and sea, of nostalgia, devotion and contemplation.

Blue is the helper and the rescuer, it is the giver and not the taker. As superheroes, often illustrated with blue costumes.

The darker the colour blue, the more authority it has. It is not a coincidence that it is widely used by Police departments around the world.

Blue is a colour that pursues peace and tranquillity and reveals an inner security and confidence. This is why MDT is comfortably seating on a sunbed certain to score any basket he likes with its special balls.

This is colour relates to trust, honesty, fidelity and loyalty, this is the reason why this colour is used by banks, insurance companies where trust and reliability are important factors. Also Hi-tech and computer technology businesses can benefit for this colour (see MDT balls).

#016 - YELLOW

Today Mr D. Tail is going through the yellow colour.

Yellow is probably the vaguest colours. It is the colour of sunlight, happiness, optimism, creativity and intelligence but it is also the colour of disgrace, egoism, jealousy, fear and cowardice.

Yellow is the most luminous of all the colours of the spectrum and captures everyone’s attention more than any other colour. This is why yellow is used in signs that alert us to danger or caution.

Mr D. Tail likes yellow and sees it only in its positive aspect. It is a sunny day and Mr D.Tail is happily whistling and observing three gorgeous yellow butterflies. Lucky for Mr D.Tail, there is a caution sign alerting him of the imminent step. He would have tumble down and ruin his smiling bag or knock over the beautiful flower arrangement inside an old handcart.

Does yellow convey you positive or negative attitude?

#011 - RED

What’s your favourite colour? Let’s discover it with Mr D. Tail and his new topic about the meaning of colours.

Today’s first colour is Red. Red is the colour of fire and blood and for this reason researchers tell us that red is associated with love, virility, stimulation, danger, passion and sexual excitement. Clearly, red is an intense colour that evokes strong emotions. That is why Mr D. Tail disguises himself as devil (fire/danger) holding a red heart balloon (blood/love). Does red convey any of the feeling listed above or it just moves you in a different way?