Today on any smartphone you can download and sign up to applications that bring together several magazines.

Through the merge of several magazines in a single product, we have the opportunity to compare news from different sources and realise how contradictory these media sometimes are (click on the image to read the news on the display).


Politician’s job is undoubtedly tough, especially when they are running for a political position.

In fact the party leaders are visible exhausted while the UK general election campaign enters its final days.

However, we should not be worry too much about them. According to


the parliamentary officials bought in increasingly larger numbers of champagne bottles each year to refill the House of Commons' stock. Once MPs will get the legitimate mandate to serve the nation, they will have plenty of time to get back on one's feet again in one of the parliament's bars and restaurants.

By the way, at the end Mr D. Tail has enjoyed the acting.


Nick Clegg announces working group to make empty buildings available to charities, community groups, artists and entrepreneurs.

Would you like to join Mr D. Tail and guess if he will or he will not?

Of course Mr D. Tail is pleased about the proposal and he hope soon to take advantage of it.